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Colors of our wonderful life

How many amazing colors we see everyday, my dear friends...How many different colors we "touch" every day.. How many colorful feelings we experience every day in the deepest parts of our souls...How great gift we have so we can feel and we can make other people feel something also. We can express, we can show, we can make it colorful every bit of our life. How powerful we are, how rich we are. How rich is our nature, how beautiful and colorful.

Colorful lunch was part of our colorful day. We had all seasonal vegetables we like most. I used olive oil, soy sauce, fresh garlic, fresh ginger, Italian herds, sea salt and 180 o in oven to make it more colorful;))

p.s. as a accessories - delicious organic olives from east of Turkey. Bon appetite

God bless you, my friends,

and colorful week for you.

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