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Spinach/arugula + tomatoes/mozzarella (or how to merge all in this life)

Very tasty combination for beginning of warm autumn. Lunch time and fresh salad with many vitamins and minerals will help us to be full of energy and positive mood. Almost all salads and food I usually cook I add many different seeds and nuts. It is delicious and healthy.

Nowadays not easy to combine "all on one plate". Many "tasks", "calls", "tests", overcomings we have every day. Every day we need to stand for our happiness. One days of laziness can kill many days of previous hard work. Our souls need to work every day. If you are not moving forward - you are falling down and down. Yes my dears, it is not easy to combine in our lives working, keeping family, thinking about personal and SOUL progress. But if we are moving step by step, giving attention to all aspects of our life, not forgetting about our soul needs, keeping a dialog with own soul and God. We will succeed, we will win, we will manage and "merge all on one plate".

God help us,

from Eva with Love

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