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Unknown flower or reiki on distance

Today, on my table I found amazing flowers presented by my husband which inspired me to tell you more about “Reiki at a Distance”. I haven’t seen this kind of flowers before, honestly I even don't know its name but it is still so beautiful and unique.

We all know about radio and television communications, where in the space of continuously distributed huge amount of invisible vibrations that can be re-made audible and visible as soon as they reach the appropriate receiver. We all know and use this phenomenon of wireless data transmission. Through research with the help of medical equipment, we know today that our brain produces different variations depending on the type of our activity. Thus, thoughts are sent by our brain vibrations that can accept a corresponding receiver in the same way as does the television, accepting television program. Many people know from their own experience the phenomenon of transmission of thought at a distance, but often do not realize it. Who does not happen, what he thinks about something, and his companion suddenly at this point says it out loud that thought? Sometimes we also feel that our loved one is thinking intensely about us, or that a member of our family, not living with us, there is something wrong. Why is it that it is possible for our thoughts may not be possible for the healing energy? But we also know that not every idea sent automatically reaches its receiver. Therefore, in the treatment of “Reiki at a Distance” is not enough to send mentally “Reiki at a Distance” of a patient. When we call on the phone and we have gained the required number, the phone rings in any case the right person. However, what would a medieval man thought, if suddenly by chance came to us and see how we get a phone call? The laws of nature, which today allows us to make phone calls, existed in medieval times. But science has not investigated them, and people did not know how to use them. Similarly, there are natural laws and the transfer of long-distance energy of life, even if they have not yet discovered by modern science, and do not use it. But they exist, and have always been people who have access to this knowledge and to create a method for its successful use. The method of treatment with the help of “Reiki at a Distance” also rests on natural laws that can be used effectively by anyone using the "key", left to us by Dr. Usui . In this case , as in this example, using the phone, it is not necessary to know all these laws , on the basis of which such a transfer of energy functions.

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