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Desert without baking and our imagination - BE FIRST IN COMMENTS AND WIN A PRIZE

Life and everything around us as complicated as we can imagine, as easy as we able to imagine. As beautiful as we will imagine. It is so easy and same time so difficult to see life as a wonderful journey where all Universe helping and assisting you in every your beginning. Just try to see how powerful imagination. The biggest effort you need to make is starting to see like anything solving in easy and best way for you and for all Universe as well. Just this. Simple rule. Yes? - Yes. Simple but same time demanding high responsibility. High honesty and rich stars.... to be part of life where everything is possible and... as simple as you can imagine;-))))

My dear,

symbol of tonight post is a desert without baking and it s so simple..)) Blender+nuts, raisins, dates, cocoa, coconut and 5 minutes. Fresh, healthy and marvelous desert. Simple? Very)

p.s. what is your favorite desert? first three comments (your best desert) will win a prize and will be part of my next posts + will have a reiki healing as a prize

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